Making your own Book of Shadows Spell Book

Published: 28th September 2009
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If you make your own Book of Shadows, you will be able to harness more power from it.

To make one, you need a plastic 3 ring binder, some batting, some fabric, and some glue.

Lay the binder on the table so that it is open. Put the batting underneath and mark where you will cut the batting so that it can be glued to the outside of the binder.

After you are done marking the batting, you want to use your scissors to cut the batting around the outline you made.

Next, you want to lay the open binder back onto the batting. Now, lift up one end of the binder and put hot glue around the outside edges. Then press the outside edge of the binder to the batting to attach it to the binder.

First do one cover, then the binding, and then the other cover.

In the end, the batting should be securely fastened to the binder, and should come to the exact ends of the binder covers.

The binder should open and close easily.

You will now cover the binder and batting with the fabric that you selected. Lay the binder and batting covering on top of the piece of fabric. Make sure you select an area of the fabric that will give you the look that you want on the outside cover of your book of shadows. (In other words, position the binder onto the fabric so that the fabric will look how you want it to on the cover)

Next, take your felt tipped marker and mark the fabric to 2 inches around the binder.

Using the scissors cut the fabric around the lines that you marked. You should now have a piece of fabric the perfect size to cover the binder with (with your 2 inches of cushion around the edges).

Next, lay the binder and batting cover it, on the fabric you cut out. Make sure you have an even 2 inches of fabric around the binder (lay the binder open).

Lift up one end of the binder and put hot glue around the edges of the batting.

Now bring that end of the fabric up to the batting and pat it flush with the glue you placed on the batting. Gently rub the fabric smooth.

Do the same thing with the binding, and with the other cover of the binder.

When this step is complete, the fabric should be glued around the outside of the batting on your binder. You will still have the 2 inches of fabric around the binder hanging free. We will deal with that in step 6.

Now lay the binder open on the table in front of you. Start with one of the edges of fabric and stretch it over the inside of the binder. Make sure it is taught.

Once you can see how far it will stretch, place hot glue on the inside edge of the binder and gently stretch, and rub the fabric over the glue so that it sticks.

Do this for each of the 4 edges of the open binder. In the end the 2-inches of fabric around the binder will be glued to the inside edges of the binder, but the corners of the fabric will still be up. We will deal with those in step 7.

Next, clip each corner of the fabric with scissors so that it folds neatly over into the inside corner of the binder. Once it looks good, use the hot glue to stick it to the inside cover of the binder.

Repeat with each of the 4 corners.

You've now got a nicely covered (and cushioned) Book of Shadows. Your next step is to cover the inside of the covers so that they look nice.

Cut your poster paper into 2 squares. Each square should be large enough to completely cover the inside of your binder.

Next, cut 2 pieces of fabric. Each one should be big enough to cover one side of the poster board pieces. You should have about 1 inch extra of fabric around each edge of the poster board.

Lay the poster board pieces on top of the fabric pieces you cut out. Gently fold over the edges of the fabric and use white glue to attach them along the edges of the poster board.

Using scissors, trim the corners of the fabric, and gently fold them under (like you did for the binder corners), and use white glue to stick the corners neatly to the corners of the poster board pieces.

Finally, place the covered poster board pieces with the fabric side facing up - down on the inside of the binder.

Use hot glue to glue the edges to the inside of the binder so that your insides are covered with the same fabric used to cover the outside of your Book of Shadows.

You are all done! Congratulations on your new Book of Shadows.

The secret now is to decorate the outside of your book of shadows with items, pictures, colors, and symbols that define and are special to you. Use things that create good emotions deep within you.

Creating your Book of Shadows in an image of yourself will allow you to draw maximum energy from your Book of Shadows when you do your Magick work.

All that is left is to get some 3 holed paper to place into your book of shadows, and you can begin writing your Magick work in it's pages.

Record your journey through the world of Magick, and also don't forget to try to use it as a Magick diary, recording your experiences in life each night before going to bed.

The more positive energy you put into the creation of your Book of Shadows, the more power you can draw from it when doing your spells and rituals.

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